Reveel Vitamin C Concentrate

  • 🗸 Unique highly concentrated Vitamin C (79%) Anti-Aging serum

    🗸 Reduces wrinkles and pigmentation

    🗸 Lastingly increases the skin's own collagen formation

    🗸 Lasts for 6 weeks with daily use

    Your 6-week routine to reduce the signs of ageing: Vitamin C Concentrate consists of L-ascorbic acid, the original and most effective form of vitamin C. Thanks to the unique technology, the vitamin C is safely stored in its most active form until application and only unfolds its full effect when freshly activated in the hand - just before it is absorbed into the skin. The powerful anti-ageing serum reduces visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation and helps to firm the skin's contour. The Vitamin C Concentrate contains enough serum beads for daily use over 6 weeks.