Reveel Collagen Serum Spray

  • 🗸 Innovative Serum Spray for always & everywhere

    🗸 Moisture Booster with instant freshness effect

    🗸 Proven more hydrated and firmer skin after 4 weeks

    🗸 Lasts for 1 month when applied twice daily to the face, neck and décolleté.

    The moisture booster with instant freshness effect that instantly smoothes and plumps up the skin - always and everywhere. The innovative Collagen Serum Spray intensively moisturises the skin and immediately makes unpleasant feelings of tightness disappear by laying a moisture network of native collagen molecules over the skin and allowing natural moisturising factors to penetrate deep into the skin's surface. The contained apple stem cell extract promotes cell renewal and smoothes the skin for a long time. Perfect for spontaneous use in case of dryness caused by air conditioning or stress. The skin looks rosy and cared for again in no time.