Reveel Comforting Moisturizer

  • 🗸 Intensive anti-aging care for deep-acting moisture 

    🗸 Strengthens the protective barrier of the skin

    🗸 High-quality ingredients with proven effectiveness

    🗸 For a lasting soft skin feeling

    Comforting Moisturizer is a nourishing anti-aging moisturizer that leaves skin feeling comfortable, ensures that dryness lines are less visible, and moisturizes deep down. Hyaluronic acid forms a moisturising network on the skin that promotes fluid absorption, while the highly effective combination of brush oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter provides intensive care. The skin is re-hydrated and its own lipid production is stimulated. This reactivates the skin's natural barrier function, which provides lasting protection against harmful environmental influences. The skin's appearance is soothed, smoothed and nourished.