Reveel AHA Fluid

  • 🗸 Highly effective "leave-on peeling" for the night

    🗸 Refines pores and reduces pigmentation disorders

    🗸 Urea prevents the skin from drying out

    🗸 Lasts for 7 months with 2 applications / week

    Highly effective "leave-on peeling" for the night with 10% AHA that provides a brightened, more even and radiant complexion. The fruit acid (AHA) gently removes dead skin cells, resulting in a visible refinement of the pores. At the same time, melanin synthesis is balanced, correcting pigmentation spots and skin tone irregularities. Urea deeply moisturises the skin. Regular use effectively prevents the premature formation of wrinkles and cornification as well as the loss of the skin's resistance.