Premium Sleeping Eye Mask

  • A premium sleeping eye mask that helps to improve your sleep, reduce black under-eye circles and many other benefits. It is made with a special high technology nano-mineral wadding and Graphene cloth. Graphene is the thinnest and hardest, as well as the best thermally and electrically conductive nano-material in the world. The shell fabric is made of natural materials which can give the maximum comforting to your soft and sensitive skin. By using this sleeping mask, we hope you can relax, enjoy your sleeping time and improve your sleep quality.

    Benefits of the nano-mineral wadding:

    - It releases mineral energy which deeply massages the muscles. This promotes the circulation of the subcutaneous tissue and traction of the blood flow, improve sleep quality, reduce the dark eye circles more effectively.

    - During the summer, it reflects 65% of sunlight and does not absorb heat. During the winter, it reflect the body heat back to the body to maintain the warmth, and it stays at near-constant temperature the whole year.

    - It plays an excellent role in the absorption and deodorization of organic pollution and harmful chemicals in the air. The deodorization reaches 94%. It also kills bacteria, coagulate viral proteins and inhibit viral activity. The antibacterial rate reaches 99.997%.

    - It releases ions which make your eyes and skin breathe fresh air even as when you are not wearing an eye mask.

    - Harmless and entirely safe, OEKO-TEX certificated.

    Benefits of the Graphene cloth:

    - It improves human micro-circulation, improve human immunity, remove human metabolites and reduce the probability of major disease.

    - It is breathable and antibacterial.

    Designed in Singapore, Made in China.