Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil


Sweet marjoram oil is a clear, pale yellow liquid with a warm, herbaceous, slightly camphoraceous odour.

BOTANICAL NAME: Majorana hortensisor Marjoram Origanum

PLANT FAMILY: Labiatae or Lamiaceae

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam distillation of the leaves


100% pure and unadulterated essential oil.

  • Traditional Uses:

    - used as a flavouring ingredent in many food products

    - used in European herbal medicine for the treatment of respiratory ailments, bronchitis, antispasmodic and an expectorant


    Anaphrodisiac - reputed to diminish the desire for sexual contact

    Circulatory - useful for treating chilblains and it helps disperse bruises. It is also recommended for alleviating high blood pressure.

    Digestive - relieves constipation, colic, flatulence and spasmodic indigestion

    Musculoskeletal - useful for muscle spasm, rheumatic pains, sprains and strains

    Nervous - recommended for conditions in which tiredness alternates with nervous tension, stress-related conditions or characterized by anxiety or insomnia

    Respiratory - used as an inhalation or a chest rub for the treatment of colds and flus and is effective for the treatment of whooping cough

    Reproductive - used as a massage or hot compress over the lower abdomen will ease menstrual cramps