Clary Sage Essential Oil


Clary sage oil is a pale yellow liquid with a sweet, slightly floral, nutty and musty scent.

BOTANICAL NAME: Salvia sclarea 

PLANT FAMILY: Labiatae or Lamiaceae

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam distillation of the leaves and flowers


100% pure and unadulterated essential oil.


    - Used for clearing mucus from the eyes

    - Used as a substitute for hops in brewing beer

    - Used as a source of sclereol which is used as a flavouring in tobaccos


    Nervous - Beneficial for treating anxiety, stress, nervous tension and depression. Useful for tension migraine sufferers.

    Reproductive - Used to promote menstruation when delayed, scanty or completely absent and also helps to relieve menstrual cramps. It is also helps release some tension and anxiety during childbirth and is recommended for managing menopause.

    Respiratory - It relaxes spasms in the bronchial tubes, can be helpful for asthmatic problems.

    Skincare - Recommended for oily skin, greasy hair and dandruff as it regulates sebum production.