LONDONTOWN Kur Regenerating Nail Serum

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  • Encourage nail growth, smooth cuticles and make hands appear younger and more vibrant with one easy step.


    • Contains keratin peptide, an intense key active that supports and encourages nail growth and improves the cohesion and integrity of the nail plate while augmentingthe hydration and elasticity of surrounding tissue.

    • A blend of humectants, waxes and emollient oils create a long-lasting treatment that encourages growth, smoothes dry cuticles and diminishes the signs of aging.

    • Maintains integrity and cohesion of the nail structure.

    • Deeply penetrates the surface to deliver vitamins and nutrients essential for growth.

    • Worn over a bare or polished surface, shields nails from environmental elements.

    • Improves hydration of dry hands and restores the elasticity of chapped skin.

    • Massage serum into nails and cuticles to create a protective barrier (May temporarily dull color shine, which will return once color is fully absorbed.).

    • Massage serum into hands to provide a skin-smoothing, anti- aging treatment.

    Vegan. Gluten Free. Cruelty-Free.

    Made in USA.