LONDONTOWN Glass Foot File

  • Large-scale glass file made specifically for your feet. Luxe, lightweight, and thoughtfully designed for comfort and ease of use, this glass foot file helps remove thick, rough skin and smooth away stubborn calluses effortlessly. A super fine grit effectively refines while doing so gently on skin; simply apply light pressure and let the file do the work for you.


    - Pro-grade quality features a durable design

    - Long handle makes the tool easy to use; balance and pressure are evenly distributed for maximum leverage

    - Ultra-fine grit is effective on thicker, dry skin and tough callouses

    - Refines rough areas (like the heels) without damaging healthy or delicate skin

    - Removes dryness and dulling, dead skin effortlessly

    - Reveals softer, smoother feet in minutes—making it ideal for quick, on-the-go fixes

    - May be used on wet or dry skin

    Made in the USA.