ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner

Nobody's Baby
Blossom Lady
Shell Shock
Bang Bang
Arabian Knights
Crimson and Clover
These Days
Lust For Life
Hold Me Now
  • Organic ingredients soothe and condition your lips like a balm while offering vibrant and wearable hues for every skin tone. No mirror? No problem. Use one swipe for a light tint or multiple to increase color, hue, and intensity. It's truly more than just a tinted balm.


    Nobody’s Baby (Nude) - A perfect, sheer nude suited to any occasion. Nobody’s Baby reflects a subtle need for quiet independence and the ability to move through any situation with ease and grace.

    Blossom Lady (Soft Pink) - A muted shade of pink, and a top seller. Blossom Lady’s soft tones contain an innocence that all of us can relate to at one time or another in our lives.

    Dizzy (Orange) - Catch me if you can! A Dizzy shade of melon marks lips with a hint of expression, ready for any adventure. Don’t be fooled by the cool orange tones, this shade will warm up to a coral hue upon application.

    Shell Shock (Coral) - A soft, bright pop of color to the lips with Shell Shock! This warm weather favorite is a great introductory shade to those who may shy away from our bolder brights. Pairs beautifully when layered with Dizzy.

    Bang Bang (Red) - Looking to work your way towards a full red lip? Bang Bang is the stepping-stone to take you there. It’s our best selling red!

    Arabian Knights (Berry) - Arabian Knights offers a fantasy of mystery and seduction. The deep tones of violet and burgundy melt together, forming a beautiful berry stain. An ideal shade, easily carried from day to night.

    Crimson & Clover (Bright Red) - A vibrant red shade indeed. It's the perfect kick to liven any look. This red hue has long wear and will leave a beautiful stain in its place.

    These Days (Nude Shimmer) - An updated take on Nobody’s Baby, highlighted with a hint of bronze. These Days is a perfect compliment when mixed with Neon Angel and other brights. It will bring out mid-tones and neutralize stronger shades.

    Lust For Life (Mulberry) - Lust for Life beckons to mulberry shades from the runways. A dark berry stain, mixing warm and cool current hues, complimented with a glossy finish.

    Jump (Blue Fuchsia) - The name Jump suits this shade’s bright pop of magenta, mixed with hints of electric blue undertones. The intensity of the color can be layered to a bold hue.

    Hold Me Now (Light Rose) - Hold Me Now, a soft pastel pink lends some similarity to multi-stick Tenderly. The lightness of this white-pink hue pairs beautifully with some of the stronger eye looks of the season.

    Made in USA.