ILIA Pure Eyeliner

Rebel Rebel
Havana Affair
My Generation
Sweet Jane
  • A creamy, matte eyeliner made from the purest ingredients. Perfectly suited for sensitive eyes and contained in a sleek, mechanical pencil with built-in sharpener.


    Rebel Rebel (Rich Black) - A rich creamy black that will glide with ease. Buildable and blendable for the perfect smoky eye.

    Havana Affair (Black/Gold) - The perfect blend of black and gold, topped with a hint of shimmer. Havana Affair is a daily go to for something soft and unique.

    Shadowplay (Charcoal Grey) - Smoldering and cool to the touch. This iron grey shade enhances the eyes and blends out beautifully.

    Nightclubbing (Midnight Blue) - A radiant midnight blue that adds a pop of color to the eye. Pair with a nude lip to allow the liner to make a statement all on its own.

    My Generation (Merlot) - A hybrid of muted violet hues blended with the deep tones of merlot. My Generation can be used as an accent color along the lash line or blended out into the crease of the eye for a stronger look.

    Sweet Jane (Chestnut) - Forgo the intensity of a classic black line and replace it with this soft chocolate hue.

    Made in USA.