LONDONTOWN Kur Instant Smudge Fix

  • Helps smooth polish, transforming any mistake into a smudge-free looking finish.

    Can be used on any polish, on any mistake.Does not matter whether the polish is semi-wet or completely dry.Will get the smudge out even if the color has been dry for days.

    Contain perfected proportions of 5 diluents commonly used to effectively smooth polish. A combination of slower-evaporating and quicker-evaporating solvents, along with a natural polymer.Enables polish to harden and dry while preventing discoloration.


    - Erases smudges, dents and chips in minutes while allowing existing polish to quickly harden and dry

    - Eliminates the need to redo ruined nails

    - Quick drying

    Vegan, Gluten-free and Cruelty-free.

    Made in the USA.