COOLA Environmental Repair Plus® Clear Recovery® Foam Wash - Organic

  • Wash away the day, or get ready for a new one with this protective foaming face wash that will cool and tone skin, reduces inflammation and minimize the appearance of age spots. This gentle, non-drying formula can be used daily on all skin types.

    - Soap Berry - A natural antimicrobial cleanser that reduces age spots and sun damage by inhibiting melanin production.

    - Willow Bark - A soothing anti-inflammatory that stimulates cell renewal and restores skin.

    - Organic Lavender Flower - A cooling toner that calms and balances oily or sensitive skin.

    - Radish Root - An antimicrobial skin protectant derived from kimchi that repairs irritated skin.

    99.75% of total ingredients are from Natural Origin.

    80.57% of total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

    Made in USA.